Assoc Prov Institutional Effectiveness
Position Summary

The associate provost for institutional effectiveness provides leadership and support for the university’s accreditation functions, serves as the accreditation liaison officer, tracks and initiates WSCUC accreditation cycles and actions, guides report writing efforts, generates collaborative participation in accreditation actions, leads program directors through substantive change efforts, and assists with external accreditation efforts, such as for ATS, CSWE, and CTC, as needed.

Additionally, the associate provost guides the institution’s assessment efforts, including institutional data collection, student learning outcomes collection through the assessment management system, eLumen, across all traditional, grad, and degree completion programs; provides final review and approval of program review and other assessment reports; monitors and intervenes as needed for assessment report completion.

The associate provost serves on the University Assessment Committee (UAC), assists with the university’s annual assessment report and disclosure documents, and supervises all university survey efforts to ensure valid instrument construction and administration and to minimize survey fatigue through strategic calendaring approvals.

Supervision of OIE and IR offices falls under the associate provost’s assessment responsibilities.

Teaching and Learning
The associate provost supervises faculty development and other academic services provided by the Center for Online learning, including but not limited to Subject Matter Expert and Instructional Design services, and employing FPU’s learning management system, Moodle. Based on results of institutional assessment efforts, including surveys, the associate provost coordinates the delivery of responsive professional faculty development events. Supervise the online administration of the Faculty Orientation tool.

Essential Functions
• Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO)
• Collaborate with school deans and cocurricular department leaders on assessment and continuous improvement initiatives.
• Monitor and maintain institutional compliance with regulatory guidelines.
• Supervise the administration of a wide range institutional surveys, including but not limited to intra-institutional survey development and nationally normed surveys. Ensure that the results are used for institutional improvement.
• Supervise the effective administration of FPU’s assessment management system (AMS), eLumen. Ensure that functional data is developed, analyzed, and acted upon across all programs. Likewise, supervise Campus Labs IDEA administration.
• Develop and maintain balanced budgets for the offices of institutional effectiveness and WASC.
• Provide guidance, expertise, and leadership in assessment activities and strategies designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of academic programs to internal and external constituencies with a goal of continuous improvement and quality enhancement.
• Coordinate and direct workshops and training strategies for faculty related to academic quality, assessment practices, regulatory guidelines, faith integration, pedagogy and andragogy.
• Develop, modify, and monitor usage metrics for the Adjunct Faculty Online Orientation, to increase informational access by adjunct, full time, and part time faculty and to fulfill regulatory faculty onboarding guidelines.
• Supervise the administration of FPU’s IDEA course evaluation tool through Campus Labs
• Supervise FPU’s Director of Assessment, Director of DC Operations, Assessment Systems Manager, Asst. Director and staff of Institutional Research, the Director and staff for the Center of Online Learning, and student workers.
• Monitor and support annual assessment reviews, program reviews, and other regulatory compliance reports.
• Serve on WSCUC site visitor teams as indicated.
• Provide institutional communications regarding assessment practices and timelines.
• Other duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications
• Terminal degree in an academic field or higher education
• Five years minimum higher education experience
• Excellent organizational and coordinating ability
• Collaborate, encourage, and inspire a common vision across multiple departments and schools
• Represent, coordinate, and train faculty members for effective teaching
• Travel to regional centers
• Knowledge and experience with assessment and the implementation of WSCUC accreditation standards or other regional accreditation bodies.
• Clear understandings of and ability to communicate with diverse regulatory agencies to ensure institutional compliance for the purpose of continuous improvement.
• Commitment to the Christian faith and the university’s mission of Christ-centered teaching and learning and involvement in a local church.

Pay is based upon qualifications and experience.

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