Elementary Principal
MSD WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP 8550 Woodfield Crossing Boulevard Indianapolis, IN 46240-2478
Elementary Principal
215 Days
$114,028 and administrative benefits package
The principal is directly responsible to the Director of Elementary Education and Superintendent of Schools. Areas of responsibility shall include the following:
1. Providing leadership in developing, implementing, maintaining, and evaluating the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program, in accordance with IB standards and practices, district philosophy, policy and administrative rules.
2. Recommending employment of, assigning and supervising all personnel within the building. Evaluating each member of the staff according to the negotiated agreement and corporation policy.
3. Ensuring staff is adequately trained to implement the Primary Years Program. Encouraging staff members to engage in professional self-examination and renewal. Providing opportunities for staff to participate in meaningful professional growth activities.
4. Effectively communicating expectations, well-defined policies and other pertinent information to staff and students. Providing opportunities for two-way communication and feedback with all staff and students.
5. Assuming responsibility for the supervision of students assigned to the building in accordance with federal and state law, school board policy, and sound judgment to provide the best possible educational opportunity and atmosphere for each student. Developing and maintaining opportunities for student responsibility and leadership.
6. Participating in and/or giving leadership to school and district planning, decision-making, committee activities, and project completion. Leading the continual review of the implementation and development of the Primary Years Program to ensure fidelity, alignment, and sustainability to the program.
7. Budgeting for and recommending purchase of all needed materials and equipment. Assuming responsibility for supervising the maintenance, control and safe use of school equipment, facilities and materials.
8. Developing and/or providing support for the development of a master schedule for students, staff, rooms, activities, and course offerings for the school that is consistent with pupil needs and instructional effectiveness.
9. Developing and maintaining a program to positively communicate with patrons, parents, organizations, agencies, and employers so they better understand the school and have the opportunity to become involved in school activities.
10. Maintaining a school climate that is characterized by international-mindedness, high expectations, high staff and student morale, and acceptance of responsibility for student learning, discipline, and program development.
11. Ensuring there is a whole-school approach to curriculum planning and review. Creating a master schedule that allows for regular and frequent teacher collaboration.
12. Performing other duties as assigned.

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Position Type: Employee
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Mary Martin
Metropolitan School District of Washington Township
8550 Woodfield Crossing Blvd.
Indianapolis, 46240