Research Scientist II - Outreach/Faculty
Job Summary:
PACE is seeking an expert consultant to join our Outreach and Faculty Interaction team that will be a remote position (with an option to work on campus as preferred). This position requires a wide range of demonstrated knowledge and skills, including computational methods and workflows, advanced compute architectures, debugging, parallelization, optimization, and performance tuning of research software; experience with science gateway technologies; advanced understanding of job scheduling and resource allocation; as well as effective use of high-performance storage, high-performance networking, and accelerator technologies like GPUs. The primary role and responsibilities include: Interact with the research community at Georgia Tech, identify gaps and pursue opportunities for significant collaborations in their funded and published research. Collect and assess community feedback/needs, and communicate data-driven feedback to the team internally to help guide the new features and services that will benefit the Georgia Tech research community. Work effectively on team and independent projects, with ability to multitask and adjust to shifts in priorities. Develop and maintain documentation and trainings for the PACE services. Participate in efforts to strengthen the HPC user community internally and externally, such as developing and disseminating whitepapers and best practices documents, preparing and delivering training seminars, and representing PACE in national venues including conferences and workshops. The Outreach and Faculty Interaction team actively seeks collaborations in scientific publications and grants, generating materials and reports to promote PACE services, and compiles success stories (e.g., PACE newsletter) arising from these efforts.

Preferred Qualifications:
Experience with national computing grids such as XSEDE and OSG
High-performance storage and parallel file systems
RedHat Enterprise/CentOS Linux system administration experience
Experience in cloud implementations using OpenStack
Excellent communications skills that include writing, speaking, teaching and documentation
Experience in collaborative and multi-disciplinary research computing facilitation
Experience in developing training materials/classes (virtual/in-person).
Ability to engage with and champion for a highly diverse research computing community at regional, national, and global scale
Ability to work effectively in a diverse team on both collaborative and independent projects
Ability to multitask and adjust to shifts in priorities
Service-focused orientation and consistent follow-through for excellence
Ability to provide effective technical solutions to highly complex problems in an advanced and diverse computing environment
Expert knowledge of computational methods, architectures, current and emerging technologies, and middleware (e.g. MPI stacks, job schedulers, numerical libraries, and data analytics tools)
Fluency in debugging, parallelization, optimization, and tuning utilizing multiple programming and/or scripting languages; experience with scientific libraries and applications

Preferred education is a PhD in Computer Science or related field

Required Qualifications:
A Master’s degree and three (3) years of relevant full-time experience after completion of that degree, or
A Master’s degree and five (5) years of relevant full-time experience after completion of a Bachelor’s degree, or
A Doctoral degree

About Us:
Located in the heart of vibrant Atlanta, Georgia, the Partnership for an Advanced Computing Environment (PACE) team defines and manages centralized research computing services at the Georgia Institute of Technology. We facilitate research efforts and foster strategic partnerships to provide Georgia Tech researchers with an unrivaled advantage, empowering them to lead their disciplines for the advancement of science and society across the globe. In addition to high-performance computing, we incorporate emerging cloud, network, data analytics, and storage technologies. Our fast-growing team directly supports the Georgia Tech research community of more than 2000 researchers, faculty and students resulting in a dynamic environment filled with intellectual stimulation and continuous innovation.

The PACE team has made an exceptional positive impact on the research community at Georgia Tech with the support from the Institute with more than $12M investment to date in the new Coda data center, which was itself purpose-built to house PACE research Cyberinfrastructure enabling GT’s computational and data intensive research. This past fall, PACE launched the Phoenix cluster, making available to the GT community a supercomputer that placed at #277 in the world, along with over nine petabytes of data storage, which will play a critical role in meeting the demand from the research community that’s in excess of 250M CPU hours, and the Phoenix will accelerate the advancement of science and discovery.

Equal Employment Opportunity:
Georgia Tech provides equal opportunity to all faculty, staff, students, and all other members of the Georgia Tech community, including applicants for admission and/or employment, contractors, volunteers, and participants in institutional programs, activities, or services. Georgia Tech complies with all applicable laws and regulations governing equal opportunity in the workplace and in educational activities. Georgia Tech prohibits discrimination, including discriminatory harassment, on the basis of race, ethnicity, ancestry, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, genetics, or veteran status in its programs, activities, employment, and admissions. This prohibition applies to faculty, staff, students, and all other members of the Georgia Tech community, including affiliates, invitees, and guests.

Additional Information
Position Type: Employee
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Contact Information
Kayin Malik
[email protected]
Georgia Institute of Technology
258 4th Street
Atlanta, 30318